MT Gateways

  • Interbank Payment processing
  • Cross Border Payment Processing
  • Business Account Management
  • Business Decision Services
  • Customer Receipt Services

Enterprise Payments

  • Single Platform Payment Product
  • Customer Management
  • Account Management
  • Billing
  • Reconciliation
  • FX Management

Cards Transaction Switch

  • Routing Capabilities
  • Standin Capabilities
  • Member Bank Interfaces
  • Visa SMS
  • Mastercard CIS
  • Voice Authorization
  • Utility Payments

Bill Payments

  • Billers And Payers
  • Utility consolidations
  • Receipts Managements
  • Instant To Future Dated

Anytyme Money

ATM is a digital payments solution based on the operational and technical specifications established by Bank of Mexico’s Digital Collections Scheme (CoDi).

Is a judicious blend of technology, process and service, which significantly improves the experience of consumers and merchants through digital payments.

Using secure QR codes/NFC or collection requests AnyTymeMoney separate the payment of purchases for consumers and merchant, making sellers much more agile.

AnyTymeMoney eliminates the handling of cash, card collections and logging into Internet banking to complete payments.

AnyTymeMoney Users - both consumers and merchants have complete control over their transactions on their CoDi enabled app, verifying purchases and sales On-The-Go. All the above is monitored and controlled by the bank’s operations team with the intuitive admin panel.